Made in Lagos {Album Review}

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Here’s a tweet summary on Wizkid’s latest LP titled; Made in Lagos – @Studio987Rec

Wizkid - Made in Lagos

ESSENCE‘ – feat. Tems

Tems vocal delivery added the right dose of icing to this piece of Art. #Wizkid on the other hand announced his arrival with some laid back lyrical foreplay before switching up to a solid delivery like ‘el jefe’

BLESSED‘ feat. Damian Marley

This song was probably recorded in the #Library of wisdom alongside the legendary Damian.
The theme of this piece of art is deeply morphed in a pool of musical growth.

GINGER‘ – feat Burna Boy

This feels more like a specially carved duet brewed with undiluted chemistry.

Even though the modulation towards the outro wasn’t expected, it will encourage Replay Aficionados to experience a pleasing feel once the track starts again.


From the wobly-wonky synth to the vocal dexterity, it shows Wizkid has grown metallic wings flexible enough to sail through burning clouds ☁️
Regards to the diva on the backup vox 💯


Close your eyes and you’ll see wizzy sitting next to ash tray while sipping on ‘inspiration’ from a red cup.

LONGTIME‘ – feat. Skepta

Soft and classy …this piece will grow on listeners to be the favourite of many queens.


The blarring sax 🎷 dropping in and out spiced up the vibe of this song, the CODA (melodic repetition) seems a little too pronounced but i guess it was intended.

In a world where attention span is short lived, the hook will grow fast on listeners.


Wizzzzzzy!!! …thats all I’m going to say 😎

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PIECE OF ME‘ – feat. Ella mai

Damn!!! Ella Mai sweetly combed through the composition with the right dose of dips and lifts. The lyre was well structured, some Carlos Santana vibe 🎸


Pen game on steroids, this musical piece will hold the hands of many listeners by taking them on a journey. Enjoy the ride.

ROMA‘ feat. Terri

“When in rome you behave like a ROMAn”

I see two soldiers of the same struggle waving a single flag. No one outshined the other. They both sang with great ardour under the same armor.


A warning from #wizkid to the rumour mill factory, critics and community of ‘bad-belle’ nation. 😎

SMILE‘ – feat. H.E.R.

The groovy bass will choreograph your shoulders to lean along with the bounce.
Thick and fat just like I love to process low-end. 😎

TRUE LOVE‘ – feat Tay Iwar, Projexx

“Team work multiplies creativity.”

At first I thought the vocal layers of this ‘Baby Making Music’ will overshadow the leads due to competitive attitude amidst creatives but they all executed this piece beautifully 💯

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