Brief Interview with ‘Morgan Matthews’ Producer behind Alicia Keys’ #1 Billboard Song

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Meet Morgan Matthews from Fort Worth, Texas who has worked with many industry heavyweights such as; Alicia Keys’, Miguel, Luh Kel, Queen Naija, Selena Brills…

We feel so honoured to have you as a guest on our biweekly series dubbed; “ODDYSCOPE” featuring industry heavyweights, influential figures, and creatives.

Q. Tell us about yourself and musical background?
A: I am a music producer from Fort Worth, Texas. I started out writing music and playing acoustic guitars when I was in middle school. My first experience in the recording area was when I got a Tascam 4 track tape recording piece. I would write and record ideas on there with a friend.
My family brought me up in the churches and always played in the church band everywhere we went.
I started getting serious about music production when I discovered DAW’s. I would write and arrange instrumentals and try my best to make them sound great.
I remember a period of time where I was selling a country track to someone in their 50’s and then a hip hop track to a young kid. I would write them their agreements too. I was selling music everyday in a small storage shed and fueled by energy drinks. I did this just about everyday for 10 years.

Q. What other producers, and/or artists do you see as a source of inspiration?
A: Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Toby Gad, Greg Wells, JR Rotem, John Feldmann, the young kid out there that believes he can reach his goal

Q. What makes you different from every other producer out there?
A: I am not the most talented but I know what it takes to make something out of nothing. I don’t come from money (like I’ve noticed a lot of people in music do) and I have extreme perseverance and will continue to climb any mountain.

Q. What are the most difficult audio production problems you’ve encountered in the past?
A: For a long time I used a DIGI 003 rack and a Shure Sm7b mic to record with. I had to learn how to make that sound good. I’ve had to learn how to listen and identify problems. It has been hard to teach myself how to make something sound good.

Q. What is the most important element every song should have to enable it climb up the charts and also cut through the noise worldwide?
A: Make something that stands out. Make something different. Don’t always follow what the last people did. Be you

Q. If you had the power to advice yourself 10 years ago with today’s knowledge, what would it be?
A: I wish I understand how the “BUSINESS” side worked back then!

Alicia Keys

Q. The song you produced for Alicia Keys “Show Me Love” featuring Miguel hit the #1 spot on billboard; can you describe how it all happened?
A: When I first finished making that music, I had a very strong feeling coming over me and I knew it was an amazing piece I had made.
A few years later, an engineer reached out to me about sending some tracks to an artist he recorded, Tory Lanez. He explained that Tory was focusing on writing and getting the songs around. We wrote songs for a few years. I got a call from the engineer explaining Tory took it to Alicia Keys and they had done a great song.
Once I got connected to Alicia’s team, the lawyer reached out to me telling me Miguel was going to be on the song and all sounded like a dream.
I love the song and feel like it was made exactly for them.

Q. How do you execute the sensitive task of discussing changes and rearrangements with artists?
A: I try my best to help them reach their sound. At the end of the day we GET to do music. This is supposed to be fun.
When people debate who’s idea was better or which thing should be used and its a competition all of the time, there’s no time for that.

Q. How do you sort out paperwork (royalties) with your clients without ruining the chemistry and
relationship with them?
A: Lets finish the song first!

Q. What’s your take on West-African rhythms and sounds (Afrobeats)?
A: They are great! Put them in your song!

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