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A Million Dollar Advice From A Grammy Winning Audio Engineer

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Leslie Brathwaite, an American recording and mixing engineer has been nominated for several Grammy awards, including super categories such as ‘Record Of The Year’ and ‘Album Of The Year’.

He has worked with Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, N.E.R.D., Rick Ross, Ludacris, Pharrell Williams, T-Pain, Future, Chris Brown, Snoop Lion, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne; just to name a few.

I have won Grammys, been a part of some amazing projects, worked with some of the top artists, producers, engineers, and record executives in the music industry.

Leslie brathwaith
Grammy Award for mixing ‘Happy’ by Pharrell

And I’ve also had tough days and hard times. I’ve had clients and record labels that just didn’t pay me for my work. It’s heartbreaking. Sometimes with no call back, no communication, not even the respect of saying they decided to use someone else for the service you were providing.

Then there’s that, it happens to ALL of us, another Engineer, Mixer, Producer gets called in to do a project you thought you were getting, or started, or completed. It stings sometimes, but I’ve ALWAYS handled it with class.

I’ve always turned over files, my mix stems, and in some cases even my actual mix session for the next engineer to be able to do his/her job with ease. For me, it’s ALWAYS about putting the client first.

My ego is ALWAYS secondary. I’ve been on both ends of that scenario, happens still to this day, and there’s not one engineer on this planet that can say I wasn’t kind, respectful, and helpful no matter what end I was on.

Leslie brathwaith Mixed ‘WAP’ by Cardi B in a car.

So why am I saying all of this? …Because someone needed to read this today. Someone out there is doubting whether or not they made the right decision to pursue a creative career. Someone out there is smack dab in the middle of their tough day, tough month, …God knows we’ve all had a crazy year (2020),

Someone out there didn’t get paid, Someone out there had a client use someone else instead of them, Someone out there knows they have the talent but just can’t seem to get a chance, Someone out there just doesn’t have the money to move to a better city, Someone out there has been laid off during COVID.

Billboard no1
Mixed in a Car, No Excuses !!!

LIFE CAN GET TOUGH. Endure, just keep going, work hard, be a good person, learn to say NO, learn to say YES, be kind, forgive, empathize, keep working hard, ….if someone else takes your spot, don’t be bitter, root for them, learn from them, use it as an opportunity to see how you can improve, help those coming up behind you and if you are one of those “Someones” I referred to, have faith, things will get better. Say a prayer to God, thank him for what you HAVE. ~ Leslie Brathwaith

Brought to you by Team ‘Oddy Jay‘ from Lagos, Nigeria

A Million Dollar Advice from the Audio Engineer behind @iamcardib No1 Billboard Song titled; 'WAP' feat. @theestallion. Click To Tweet

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