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My Great-uncle, The Legendary Producer

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Back then, I rarely go to church on Sundays, a terrible habit my dad frowns at once they (family) return from church.

On this particular Sunday, the moment I heard the sound of my dads BMW (7 series) I knew I was in for some questioning and cross-examination.

When I peeped through the window, I saw my dad’s elder sister too, cruising her big SUV through the lawn with her gèlè (head gear) trafficating and sending signals such as “you are in trouble today” (may her soul rest in peace).

They just don’t like the idea of not attending “Mass” talk’less of not receiving the body and blood of Christ.

To cut the story short, they left the main building for the annex building which i use for studio activities, trust me, I had readied a very lovely excuse to quench the fire 🔥

When they entered my studio, My aunty was extremely nice which caught me off guard cus the normal question would have been; “Why were you not in church today ?”

But to my utmost surprise, my Dad (a socially inclined man) had already informed my aunt that I had an overnight studio session with a client. that was how Christ saved me from World War III “…Praise the Lord”. 🙃

My aunt introduced the third person as my Great Uncle, a man with face lined with experience, He further introduced himself as the in-house Producer at EMI behind several notable acts and release(s) in the early 70’s and 80’s.

ODION IRUOJE, Producer behind The Birth of Afrobeat. Click To Tweet

“He Produced Jeun Ko Ku (“Chop And Quench”) which was Fela‘s first commercially successful single, released in 1971, “It was a wildly popular hit that sold more than 200,000 copies 💿 within six weeks of its release, setting Fela on the path to musical stardom”

He also played a crucial role in what became a masterpiece by Paul McCartney of The Beatles and Wings when they came to work on their album “Band On The Run” at EMI’s studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

Paul Mccartney

It was hard to digest what I heard, “How can Fela’s Producer be in my house? …inside my studio ? A man who worked alongside Paul McCartney referring to me as a colleague of the same hustle? the gods must definitely be crazy.”

Dear subscribers, if your relatives, parents, and guardians are within reach, make time out of no time to feed your intuition, you might as well be related to Albert Einstein. Cheers! 🙂

Written in the toilet by; Oddy Jay


– Paul McCartney – Band On The Run
– Fela Kuti – Jeun Ko Ku
– Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi ‎– Holy Wars
– Ofege – Try and Love (LP)
– Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats – Let’s Have A Party
– Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies ‎– Otachikpokpo
– Tee Mac Collection ‎– Party Fever
– Other Notable Credits – View

Credits: Oronbaba / Photography: Discog, newnigeriapost, Bandcamp, odionlivingstone, wikipedia

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