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Thank you for killing my dog

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I was on my way to get my car from “Abu” which I took for repairs, as I was approaching the workshop, arguments started flying through the corridors of my eardrum(s). it’s probably football says my intuition. I continued my steps, there she was, holding a well fed baseball bat, threatening to let all hell loose by breaking my windscreen, I doubled up quickly to know what the brouhaha was all about around my car 🚗

I screamed; “Woman! …Why do you want to break my windshield?” …next thing I heard was the sound of a broken glass, I was so mad my manhood stood still for a while, when she struck again, my butthole tightened up like it was time for injection 💉

Wait a minute! …this is not my car, I started catching my breath one after the other, trying to recall what had just happened, she suddenly broke into tears like a roaring sky due for cloudburst.

Me: Abu! …who is she and who’s car is this?
Abu replied: …Oga! Na her car O!
Me: …are you sure ?
Abu: “Yes Oga, e be like sey her pikin don go.”

At first, all I saw was a crazy woman but now, all I see is a broken mother. We approached and consoled her in every way possible, cus I can relate to the tragedy.

Days turned to weeks, weeks metamorphosed into several weeks. I decided to check up on her.

She narrated her ordeal by shedding light on how a friend she held up high, abused her daughter, an eventuality which led to the infection that made her daughter walk to the other side at such a tender age.

How can someone I call my friend initiate bestiality between her pet and my little girl ? ...my little child ? ...Just because I snatched her Heartthrob when we were in school. Click To Tweet

I shivered down my spine when I heard “pet” and I was further shocked when I realized it was all orchestrated by her late friend.

She showed me the picture of the culprit (culled from closed circuit monitoring system) and it turned out to be my younger sister 😱 I started swallowing saliva out of confusion to quench the fire dancing in my paunch.

Besides, the only pet with my sister before her demise was the dog I took to her place few months ago due to my tight schedule.

Written in the toilet by Oddy Jay

Disclaimer: I don’t have a sister, have a nice day 😊

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