Brief Guide on Mixdown

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Before Mixing🎚

  • Recommended quality for recording and producing; 24bit/48000khz
  • Don’t add unnecessary EQ boost, limiter, I repeat; “remove Limiter” or other Vst effect on the master(let us do the surgery)
  • Screenshot the Project or take the picture of the project as arranged during recording with your phone (optional)
  • Export or Render the recording as .mp3 (unmixed stereo file) to shed light on the original arrangement.
  • Wrap up your project in a .Zip file (.rar) to keep all the elements of your project organized in a single place.
  • Reduce the project data before sending (send only the necessary files)
  • Think like a Professional, don’t send the raw data as .mp3 files (We want .WAV file only, preferably 24bit/48,000Khz or higher)

Before Mastering 🎧

✔ Leave Headroom:

(-3db) if the total process was done in the box (ITB) without outboard, external gears,

(-6db) if the project was routed through an external gear such as hardware compressor etc
✔ Remove unnecessary Low-end frequencies (below 20hz) that frequency is for clubs in hell.

✔ Leave the volume (we will make it DYNAMIC & LOUD the professional way)
✔ Remove processing such as inserted Vst plugins especially Limiter, Volume Maximizer etc on your master channel.
✔ Render/Bounce your Mix in the highest quality audio file format, preferably 48k/24bit bit or the default Sample rate used during recording session (no need to up-sample it)

Tips by Oddy Jay


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