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What is an EP ?

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✍ Someone reached out to me regarding the advantages of an EP and the importance of hiring experienced Producer/Audio Engineers (for an Ep Project) After considering other inquisitive creatives, I’ll be sharing a quota of the two cents with you.

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It’s because they are well composed musical piece with the finest fiddle and donkey years of experience, either played live (more dynamic) or programmed by experienced producers, polished and further enhanced by a great Mixing, Mastering Engineer. Oddy Jay - What is an EP?

Oddy Jay

What is an Ep?

An Ep (Extended Play) is a musical body of work containing between 3 to 5 Songs (30 mins running time or less).

It portrays a recording act as a reputable brand who has what it takes to stand tall amongst gathering of performers with promising catalog in the nearest future, a crucial factor for potential affliates and investors.

What is an EP

  • It generates more attraction and revenue in terms of streaming and sales compared to a single (not always)
  • It makes you express yourself as an artist in different lyrical colours and performance.
  • It makes you stand out from the crowd by optimizing chances of discovery by potential fans and brand partners.
  • It’s a well known fact that, digital content creators will benefit the most from the next wave of billionaires in the nearest future.
  • Music is undeniably more consumed in digital format Worldwide, hence the reason for the huge spike in generated revenue recently.
  • Helps grow fan base and also introduce your sound, style and creative dexterity to potential fans.
  • It helps add more flesh to the bone of your curriculum vitae as a performer.
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Don’t treat your projects the same way, get the pros involved, avoid sonic heartbreak, Stop overthinking, there’s always a reward for trying. …Cheers!

Written in the Studio by Oddy Jay

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